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Tired of battling mosquitoes in your backyard? Sierra Pest Services is proud to offer affordable, effective mosquito control solutions for both residential and commercial clients here in Maryland so you can enjoy being outside again.


As an experienced outdoor pest control service, Sierra Pest Services features a variety of mosquito control services, including a natural option, perfect for transforming your yard into a peaceful place for you and your family. Not sure what you want? Contact our team today at (240) 524-3656 and we can send a certified technician out to do a walk-through of your yard to recommend the best outdoor pest control solution for you.

The Sierra Pest Services team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our barrier spray treatments, special event sprays and natural solutions using garlic or essential oils.

Commercial Control

It’s Important that your commercial property remains safe, sanitary, and free from pests. At Sierra Pest Services, we’ve been protecting commercial facilities from pest infestation for over 25 years — we’ve got you covered, to say the least!

Residential Control

Whether it is common, annoying pests like ants or cockroaches that are bugging you, bedbugs keeping you awake at night, or termites that can devour your home or business, Sierra Pest Services can provide you with a custom pest control solution for your needs.

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